Hyacinth Plant & Burlap
Hyacinth Plant & Burlap

Hyacinth Plant & Burlap

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Striking, elegant & full of love. This blooming plant will make your person feel extra loved all season long. This hyacinth plant is resting inside an adorable faux succulent and ribbon trimmed burlap bag. Please note that colors will vary and your plant may be different than the color pictured, but it will be beautiful!

Plant Care:  Requires plenty of light, even direct sunlight. Water the plant regularly, do not let it stand in excess water. Do not allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings. Flowering occurs from the month of December through May. This plant can be planted in the garden after flowering. This plant is not pet friendly.

Plant Size: 6"
Pot Material: Burlap
Pot Dimensions:  6" x 6"

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