Orchid & Journey Pot
Orchid & Journey Pot

Orchid & Journey Pot

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Graceful, elegant & full of life. This Phalaenopsis white Orchid is the epitomizes love, luxury, strength, and beauty. This double-stem plant is resting inside our best-selling journey pot.

Plant Size: 24"
Pot Material: Ceramic
Pot Dimensions: 5.25" x 6.5" 

Plant Care: Will thrive in a bright spot with lots of indirect sunlight. Enjoys a few hours of low-intensity direct sunlight in the morning or in the evening. Proper watering requires soaking the growing medium (bark) for 5-15 minutes, and then thoroughly drain any excess water. After watering, keep an eye on the color of the roots inside the plastic grower’s pot. When those roots become white/grey, like the roots hanging out of the pot, the orchid is ready to be watered again. When the orchid has dropped all of its blooms, cut back the stem to its last “node” (looks like a little elbow). This will allow the orchid to re-focus on growing leaves and roots. At this point the orchid is still very much alive, and it is building up to grow a new stem within three to six months. This plant is pet friendly.

*Floral and Plant Substitution Policy: To guarantee the freshest bouquet possible, our florists may replace some stems in your arrangement for color or flower variety. While we always do the best to match the picture shown, sometimes different vases may be used. Any substitution made will be similar to the original design and be of equal or greater value. For bouquets and plants of one variety, such as roses or orchids, we focus on matching the floral type but may substitute for different colors if we are out of stock of your desired color. While we don’t guarantee what the flower varieties or colors will be since our choices are subject to the season, we do guarantee that your specific arrangement or plant will be fresh and beautiful!

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