Pothos N'Joy & Fem Rosa Pot
Pothos N'Joy & Fem Rosa Pot

Pothos N'Joy & Fem Rosa Pot

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Living up to its name, you will start n-joying the plant more and more as it grows! Pothos N'Joy is a true pothos with fresh and appealing variegated leaves. A slow but steady grower, N'Joy is a perfect house plant that can thrive in many different conditions. We've paired the Fem Rosa pot with this Pothos N'Joy. The Fem Rosa is a white terracotta style pot with a playful pattern to match its plant companion.

Plant Care:  This species of Pothos loves bright, indirect light. Make sure that the plant is not exposed to harsh sunlight, as this may burn the leaves. Water plants lightly and rewater once the top layer of soil is completely dry. Overwatering may cause root rot. Unfortunately, this pretty plant is not pet friendly.

Plant Size: Small
Pot Material: Ceramic
Pot Dimensions: 6.50" x 6.50" x 4.75"

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