Corkcicle Canteens

Corkcicle Canteens

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Get or gift one of these glamourous Corkcicle's and add a touch of enchantment to the hydration game!  Available in the styles of stemless, tumblers, and canteens. Great for morning coffee at the office or tagging along with you for a bike ride, these are fit for whatever makes you move. Featuring durable, detailed finishes such as matte, metallic, glossy, and light-catching opalescent...any style is sure to please!

Corkcicle Canteens:

  • Available in sizes 16oz, 25oz
  • 25 hours cold, 12 hours hot
  • Stainless steel, triple insulated, vacuum-sealed, fits ice cubes, easy-grip sides, non-slip bottom, BPA & lead-free

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